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Xia Lab Shares Findings on Stress ErythropoIEsis And Sickle Cell Disease Pathogenesis in 59th Ash Meeting

Dr. Yang Xia and instructor Dr. Anren Song attended the 59th Annual ASH Meeting and Exposition early December to share our lab's new findings in hematological diseases. Dr. Song presented a poster entitled, "Pathological Role of Impaired Proteasome Machinery in Sickle Cell Disease", to elucidate on how sickle-cell disease humans and mice have an accumulation of ubiquitinated proteins in their blood samples compared to normal and wild-type controls.This study also includes an extensive proteomics analysis that specified these ubiquitinated proteins and their involvement in major processes and cellular compartments. Another study, entitled, "Metabolic Control of Erythroid Lineage Commitment by Adenosine A2B Receptor and HIF-1a in Stress Erythropoiesis", was showcased at the meeting. We're very excited to share our findings on how adenosine plays a role in stress erythropoiesis. We look forward to a great year forward of findings and innovative thinking our lab can provide to better insight on both basic and translational sciences!

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